Dedicated:  April 12, 2002 
SPONSOR: Ergon, Inc.

"A City Born of the River'"

The river determined the location of Vicksburg to be on the hills above the Mississippi, safe from floods.  The river was the highway of mid-America, the lifeblood of the town, and a haven  for flatboats, barges, snag boats, dredges, steamboats and towboats.

Buildings grew to line the hills, church spires pointed heavenward, and a handsome courthouse dominated the skyline.  The river carved a new channel in 1876, leaving Vicksburg without a port until 1903 when the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers diverted the Yazoo River into the old bed.

This scene of the city, circa 1907, is a reminder that Vicksburg was born of the river.

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