Dedicated:  December 11, 2002 
SPONSOR:  CalsonicKansei Mississippi

"A Key Center of Southern Commerce and Culture"

Washington Street became the commercial center of Vicksburg in 1839 when a fire destroyed the downtown area on Main Street.  This scene, c. 1912, shows the 1400 block looking north toward the Yazoo Canal.  

In the early 20th century,  Vicksburg was the state’s chief commercial and banking center.  On Washington Street , one could purchase any necessity, service, or luxury desired.  In the 1400 block alone, retailers offered groceries, candy, ice cream, liquor, tobacco, business machines, clothing, shoes, furniture, stoves, and pharmaceuticals.  Services were provided by tailors, barbers, doctors, advertising agents, printers, banks, and restaurants.  Two movie theaters featured the latest films.  

Residents came downtown by trolleys that plied more than ten miles of track.  The trolley in the foreground has the sides removed for summer.

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