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"Prehistoric Settlement in Warren County"

The Vicksburg-Warren County area has a long prehistoric heritage.  There is evidence of prehistoric Native Americans in this area as early as 2000 B. C.  These early cultures were from the Poverty Point Period and were followed by the Baytown Period and the Coles Creek Period.

The Native Americans during the Poverty Point Period were hunter-gatherers and were semi-sedentary, but were also beginning to develop regional trade and exchange networks.

The major innovations of the Baytown Period were the introduction of bow and arrow technology and horticulture.  

This mural depicts the Kings Crossing site (C. 1000 A. D.) which is a prime ceremonial center during the Coles Creek culture.

These prehistoric Native Americans were some of the first people in the Mississippi valley to use large float-topped mounds extensively, both for the chief's houses and their temples. In the following period, the Mississippian, the culture development intricate ceremonies and elaborated detailed pottery and carvings in stone and wood.  

The Mississippian culture died out in the late 1600s and five distinct tribes established themselves in Warren County: the Tunica, the Yazoo, the Koroa, the Ofo, and the Tioux.  The tribes lived near the mouth of the Yazoo River, near present day Redwood.

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