Dedicated:  January 31, 2003 
SPONSOR:   City of Vicksburg and Mississippi Arts Commission

"A Fascinating City of National Importance"

The City of Vicksburg was founded by Newitt Vick, a Methodist minister.  He died of yellow fever before the town could be laid out, however, leaving that task to his son-in-law John Lane.

Incorporated in 1825 with a population of 180, the city grew rapidly because of its location on high bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River and soon became the largest and most progressive city in the state.

The city administration worked diligently to provide educational  facilities, fire and police protection, and a new city hall in the latest Beaux Arts style.

Public transportation begin with horse-drawn trolleys and, by 1899, ten miles of track carried electric trolleys to the far corners of the city.

One of the highlights of recreational activities was watching the Vicksburg Billies, a semi-pro baseball team.1763 divided French possessions and this area was ceded to Great Britain.

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